Sophia Rising
Sophia Rising
Shardai Moon

Welcome to Sophia Rising

Mystery School & Priestess Ministry

About Me

Greetings Beloveds,

My name is Shardai, and I founded this community because I'm passionate about the rising of the Sacred Feminine in our culture, and in our everyday lives –and I imagine you are too! 

Over the past 13 years of my own discoveries, I have noticed that the medicine our planet needs now is the regeneration of our Feminine soul, and the relinking of our ancient and future wisdom. 

Please join me in your own discovery process of what leaving a legacy of LOVE, for the future generations, means to you.

Why You Should Join Me

Everyone needs community. We offer a loving, heart-centered community of activists, healers, visionaries, female leaders, spiritual seekers, and down-earth-folks. 

Here you will receive belonging, all of you will be valued, and you will be ignited on your path of purpose.

We offer trainings, devotional services, and community that are rooted in specific lineages of shamanism and Goddess spirituality. And from those roots we explore archetypal teachings that are truly universal, and leave space for ample self-directed discovery.

A Big Thanks

Gratitude to all the wisdom that has been carried into this Sanctuary, through mentors, students, and direct transmissions from the Mystery.

Honoring my teachers: Diana DuBrow, Elayne Kalila Doughty, Ariel Spilsbury, Achintya Devi, Ameya Cohen, Lauren Dalberth-Hage & don Oscar and dona Cindy Miro-Quesada... and many more!